Friday, November 4, 2011

Rare Views of North Bunker Hill Now Online

Nearly 140 images of the north end of Bunker Hill were recently uploaded to the LAPL Photo Database. These photos came from a three volume appraisal report prepared by William W. Abelmann in 1955. While many photographers and artists documented Bunker Hill in its waning years, they tended to focus on the south end where the picturesque Victorian mansions stood. With this set, we take a rare tour of the north side of this fabled and lost Los Angeles neighborhood.

To see the complete set of images, search for "appraisal report" on the Los Angeles Public Library Photo Database. 

Looking west across S. Grand Avenue towards two apartment buildings, the Ethel Apartments at 223 (center) and an adjoining structure at 219 (right). 
Order #00091463

Looking east across N. Hope Street showing two Queen Anne Revival style apartment houses at 118-120 (left) and 114-116 (center). 
Order #00091490

Looking northeast across the intersection of S. Olive (running from middle left to lower right) and W. Second streets towards the former Argyle Hotel and apartment buildings at 132-134 (far left), behind which is City Hall (right). 
Order #00091516

Looking west across Broadway, showing a parking lot, a small hamburger stand called Ralph's (left), and various residential buildings up on Bunker Hill, including Moore Cliff Hotel (center). 
Order# 00091577
Looking southwest across W. First and Olive streets towards the Seymour Apartments, located at 502 W. First Street. Order #00091519

Looking east from across N. Bunker Hill Avenue towards a two-story apartment house located at 240 (center). On the far left is a building at 242 and in the background is the rear exterior of the former St. Angelo Hotel, located at 237 N. Grand Avenue.
Order #00094179

Looking west across the street towards the former St. Angelo Hotel located at 237 N. Grand Avenue.
Order #00091478
Looking west across the street showing the site of the former home at 241 Bunker Hill Avenue and glimpses of the rear exteriors of homes on N. Hope Street (upper left).
Order #00091460
Looking southwest across S. Olive Street showing an empty lot at 215-217 (left), the May Hotel at 209, and the Mission Apartments at 201. 
Order #00091526

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